The SCORE Study

We aim to develop tools that address key theoretical concepts, increase self-reflection and provides professionals with the knowledge and skills they require to make effective talent identification judgements. This, in turn, should improve processes, consistency and thus alignment between recruiters, coaches and their clubs.

The first phase is to develop the Scouting Efficacy Scale in football (SES-F).

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Dancing out for a Voice

We are conducting a research project focusing on the use of a dance-based exergame intervention for children diagnosed with ASD. At the end of the project, we hope to show that dance-based exergames can have a positive effect on children’s communication skills and social development.

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Elite Athlete Welfare

The purpose of the study is to investigate athletes’ experiences of their well-being and how this may change as the Olympic Games draws closer.

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Coaching Effectiveness

The aim of this project is to investigate the concept of coaching effectiveness, with a specific focus on the development of youth athletes through youth athlete perceptions of effective coaching behaviours.

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Developing Youth Character

This project aims to investigate the way in which causality of the 'habit-identity' relationship goes, providing practitioners creating character development programmes with valuable knowledge.

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