Good Sport Project

Project Overview

This project aims to use sport as a vehicle to develop moral character in young people. To achieve this, two work packages, each with their own unique outcomes will be implemented.

Work project one outcomes:

  • A sport-based training programme consisting of game based and online activities, aimed specifically at the development of moral character virtues.
  • An assessment of the training programmes effectiveness in the development of moral virtues.
  • Supplementary online material will be provided to parents through clubs, to help adherence to the programme.
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of the parental workshops on adherence.

Following work project one, the training programme will be thoroughly evaluated for use in work project two.

Work project 2 outcomes:

  • Production and delivery of a coach education programme aimed at equipping coaches with the necessary skills to effectively deliver the sport-based training programme.
  • Production of supplementary online materials, to assist coaches with delivery.
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of the coach education intervention will be produced upon completion of work project two.
  • A sustainability report will be produced assessing all factors which may impact our ability to continually deliver the quality coach education programme.