Dancing out for a Voice Project Hub

This page serves as a hub to provide parents and caregivers with all the relevant information, documents, and links that are related to our Dancing out for a Voice feasibility study.

Key Dates

15/09/2021 - Taster Session (Zoom)

TBC/10/2021 - Training Session (Zoom)

WC 25/10/2021 - Complete pre-intervention outcome measures

WC 01/11/2021 - Start intervention (2 Just Dance sessions per week for 6 weeks)

WC 13/12/2021 - Complete post-intervention outcome measure

WC = Week Commencing

Relevant documents and information

Overview of project

This document is to provide you with a brief overview of the proposed project.

Guide for joining Zoom

Short guide on how to join sessions and meetings held on Zoom.

Taster Session

If you missed the taster session or would like to rewatch it, please find a pre-recorded version here.

Participant information sheet

Although you will have read the participation information in order to consent to take part. It is important that you are able to keep a copy of it and access it whenever you like. It is free to view and download by clicking the link below.

Training manual

The training manual will be emailed to those enrolled on to the project. However, is free to view and download here.

Calendar Style Grid

The calendar-style grid will be posted to all participants enrolled on to the project, along with stickers to place on each day you complete the Just Dance sessions. However it is free for you to view, download, and print should you need an extra copy.

Key Contacts

Project Lead - Phoebe Morris; phoebe.morris@essex.ac.uk

Supervisor - John Mills; john.mills@essex.ac.uk

Co-supervisor - Edward Hope; e.hope@essex.ac.uk

Co-supervisor - Tom Foulsham; foulsham@essex.ac.uk

Team Lab's Whatsapp Number: xxxxx xxx xxx