Youth Athletes' Perceptions of Coaching Effectiveness

Project Overview


The aim of this project is to investigate the concept of coaching effectiveness, with a specific focus on the development of youth athletes through youth athlete perceptions of effective coaching behaviours.


Sport coaches have an important role in guiding the learning and development of athletes. Understanding what makes an effective coach from an athletes’ perspective will aid positive youth development and help ensure youth athletes are afforded the best opportunities to enhance their skills and attributes.


Although maturing, the field of effective coaching literature is still within its infancy. Currently, there is a lack of a consistent and shared conceptual and methodological approach for the way that effective coaching is assessed. A measurement scale does not currently exist that incorporates assessment of professional, interpersonal and intrapersonal forms of coach knowledge, that are deemed essential for coaching effectiveness (Côté & Gilbert, 2009). Additionally, a majority of the effective coaching research conducted to-date has been cross sectional. This project will seek to address these problems, and move the literature forward by advancing our knowledge and understanding of effective coaching behaviours.


The project will first provide a critical review of the effective coaching literature, identifying the origins of effective coaching research, and highlighting the limitations of the existing literature whilst outlining areas for future research. Following this, a new measurement tool will be developed that can be used to assess youth athlete’s perceptions of coaching effectiveness. The developed scale will then be used in conjunction with existing measurement scales within a survey pack, to evaluate the outcomes associated with effective coaching in youth academy footballers.

  • A valid and reliable measurement scale assessing youth athletes’ perceptions of coaching effectiveness
  • A longitudinal examination of the influence of coaching effectiveness on youth academy footballers
  • Identify how youth athletes’ perceptions of coaching effectiveness influence athlete developmental outcomes, establishing links between the dimensions of coaching effectiveness and athlete competence, confidence, connection and character
  • Provision of a measurement tool that can be used in future research examining coaching effectiveness within a variety of youth sporting environments
  • Practical application of findings, enabling the clubs of the youth academy players participating to identify areas of strength and improvement to ensure optimal player development

Project Status: Ongoing