Elite Athlete Welfare

Project Summary

Project Summary


Our names are Tristan Mayglothling and Viola Paoletti. We are postgraduate researchers in the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences at the University of Essex. We would like to invite you to take part in a research study. Before you decide whether or not to take part, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully.

What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of the study is to investigate athletes’ experiences of their well-being and how this may change as the Olympic Games draws closer. This is a longitudinal study with three interviews taking place prior to the delayed Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games and one interview post the Olympic Games. Each semi-structured interview will be around 45 minutes long using the Chatplat online application to preserve participant anonymity. This study is being undertaken as part of the Doctoral Research of Tristan Mayglothling and the Master of Science Research of Viola Paoletti.

Why have I been invited to participate?

You have been chosen to be invited to this study as you are currently in a national training programme ahead of the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Taking part in the research is entirely voluntary and you are free to withdraw from the project at any time without giving any reason and without penalty. Any data collected up to the point of withdrawal will be destroyed.

Do I have to take part?

Withdrawal from the study can be done through emailing Dr John Mills (john.mills@essex.ac.uk) with your memorable word or phrase. He will then pass only this information onto the interview team. They will then destroy any data linked to the word or phrase and the data will not used in any future research or publication.

What will happen to me if I take part?

Should you choose to take part the following process will happen

1. You will sign a consent form (link below). Which will only be accessible to Dr Mills. You will then be sent a Qualtrics (University online) form to fill out demographic information. This will include what sport you do and previous experience. This will not include personal identifying information such as names, emails and addresses.

2. Once Qualtrics has been completed (5mins) Dr Mills will contact you to arrange a date and time for the first semi-structured interview to take place on Chatplat. This will be a typed conversation with either Tristan or Viola to protect your anonymity.

3. Future interviews shall then also be arranged through Dr John Mills. You will be given a code name so the researchers know who is being interviewed without knowing your identity.

4. Once the interviews have been completed – the transcripts will be pseudo-anonymised (altering any details that could reveal your identity) with Dr Paul Freeman before the researchers begin data analysis with Dr John Mills. Therefore, the researchers Tristan Mayglothling, Viola Paoletti and Dr Paul Freeman know the content of the interviews but not your identity whilst Dr John Mills knows the identity but not the original transcripts of the participants.

What are the possible disadvantages and risks of taking part?

The disadvantages of taking part in this study are emotional distress should you reveal information that is a welfare issue. Participants will be provided with contact details of charities that can support them at the end of each interview. Every effort will be made to anonymise what is written in each interview and participants identity shall remain anonymous to all the researcher's bar Dr John Mills -- he will not, however, be able to link the individual to the interview data provided.

What are the possible benefits of taking part?

The benefits of taking part in this study are giving athletes a voice to highlight the culture within high-performance sports and the impact an upcoming Olympic Games may have on athletes’ perception of their well-being. This could provide future directions of research to support athlete well-being with Olympic training environments.

What information will be collected?

The information collected in Qualtrics is to enable insight into the demographic of the participants in this study – this data is password protected and only accessible by the researchers. The data collected in the semi-structured online interviews shall maintain anonymity and transcripts will be pseudo-anonymised to further reduce the risk of the data being identifiable. All data shall be stored in the University of Essex Box for a period of six years before being destroyed (all copies of transcripts, Qualtrics and e-mails deleted). The researchers Tristan Mayglothling, Viola Paoletti, Dr Paul Freeman and Dr John Mills shall have access to this data and shall share the data in a suitable format for future research and learning activities by other individuals.

What is the legal basis for using the data?

By signing consent to being a participant in this research you agree to the processing of your data that complies with GDPR.

What should I do if I want to take part?

Please press the 'take part' button below or email john.mills@essex.ac.uk. Dr Mills will then liaise with you to find a suitable date for the online text-based interview. If you have any questions beforehand, please contact him.

What will happen to the results of the research study?

The results of the research study will form part of the doctoral research of Tristan Mayglothling and the Master of Science research of Viola Paoletti. As part of these educational requirements, the research shall be used in a presentation at conferences. There is also potential for the research to be published in a journal article. All the participants will be anonymous and results in pseudo-anonymised to ensure anonymity. A copy of the research shall be made available to participants via this website. If you wish to receive a copy of the research, you can also email this request to Dr John Mills (john.mills@essex.ac.uk)

Who is funding the research?

This research is not funded.

Who has reviewed the study?

This study has been reviewed and received ethical approval by the Humanities, Science and Health Social Sciences Ethics Sub-Committee at the University of Essex reference number ETH2021-0815.

Concerns and Complaints

If you have any concerns about any aspect of the study or you have a complaint, in the first instance please contact the primary point of contact of the project Dr John Mills john.mills@essex.ac.uk. If you are still not satisfied, please contact the University’s Research Governance and Planning Manager, Sarah Manning-Press (e-mail sarahm@essex.ac.uk). Please include the ERAMS reference which can be found at the foot of this page.

Name of the Researcher/Research Team Members

1. Tristan Mayglothling - PhD Student

2. Viola Paoletti – MSc Student

3. Dr Paul Freeman – Senior Lecturer School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

4. Dr John Mills – Lecturer School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences (john.mills@essex.ac.uk).