The Whole Is Not the Same as the Sum of Its Parts

We intrinsically understand that a pile of bricks does not make a house. It is commonly accepted that when building an edifice, a team of architects, engineers, and master builders are required. Yet when building teams, the default position is often to go it alone.

It is nigh on impossible to be a skilled architect, engineer, AND builder. Failing to seek support is reckless and has the potential to cause great harm. We believe in doing things differently.

Our team of researchers each specialize in a different aspect of team psychology. This includes studying the form, function, and outcomes associated with team membership. We break down the parts in an attempt to help others improve the way they build the whole.



Elite Athlete Welfare

Elite Athlete Welfare

To understand the impact of high-performance environments on athlete welfare.

The purpose of the study is to investigate athletes’ experiences of their well-being and how this may change as the Olympic Games draws closer. This is a longitudinal study with three interviews taking place prior to the delayed Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games and one interview post the Olympic Games.

The SCORE Study

The SCORE Study

To improve scouting and recruitment practices in football through evidence-based research.

We aim to develop tools that address key theoretical concepts, increase self-reflection and provides professionals with the knowledge and skills they require to make effective talent identification judgements. This, in turn, should improve processes, consistency and thus alignment between recruiters, coaches and their clubs.

The first phase is to develop the Scouting Efficacy Scale in football (SES-F).

Dancing Out For A Voice

Dancing Out For A Voice

To use sport as a vehicle to develop moral character in young people

We aim to improve social-communication skills in children, who have a diagnosis of ASD, through a dance-based exergame intervention.

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